Everyday Angelic Sightings!

Everyday Angelic Sightings


The Balcony Angel!




When I was small and rather clueless about everything I expected to find angels everywhere – with their wings and gentle smiles, comforting me when the nasty Principal in my boarding school beat me with a cane for some very small mistake. I prayed to the angel to take me far away from that unpleasant old man. The angel did not hear me and never came.

I still expected to find one magically, during a maths test, who would write out the answers for me, as I had again forgotten to study for it! The angels never came! Either they were too busy or they did not care!


Now, a million years ago, when I don’t even believe in angels, they decide to fly down upon me, without invitation or prayer! They come regular like sunlight, every single day!


Today, my friend Beulah’s daughter called me up to visit her mother who lived a million miles away, to check on her. Beulah 87, is a difficult person, and often maddens her nurse who cares for her. She accuses her and anyone who visits of stealing her books, her antiques, her gold, her soap dish, her bottle opener of all things! Then she makes us all laugh with her wit and shares all her goodies with us – Swiss chocolates from USA and other such treats.


The nurse had been missing for a week so everyone expected the worst possible thing to have happened. Beulah must have fallen down, hurt herself, fainted or even died, as she wasn’t answering the phone! She is diabetic, fond of sweets, and very deaf too.


I finally had to use the key to get inside the flat. Beulah was fine, reading the newspaper and watching the news on her large television. She told me to first rush to the terrace to check up on something. I went and sighted my first angel of the day!


I had seen this baby pigeon just a week ago and it had been smaller than a soup spoon! Now it was so big and magical! Beulah badgered me to refill the plates of rice, corn, broken wheat and a large bowl of water for her balcony angel! It sat comfortably under the large army of glorious cactus that towered above it like a cloud of security guards!


I had just sighted my first angel of the day!

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