Legal drama on Netflix worth binge watching: O.J. Simpson



I thought I would avoid The People Versus O.J. Simpson on Netflix. It is like going to a book fair and finding a million books, trite, titillating, torpid, etc. on Princess Diana that most of us stay away from! I remember one young woman who was making her adoring husband carry almost 600 books on the Princess for her to the payment counter where he willingly forked out the 600 rupees! This was one of those truly heavenly book fairs that come once a year plastering the walls with the magical banner saying you can pick up one kilogram of books for just Rs. 100! You can just about find anything there!


Anyway going back to O.J. Simpson, luckily I found a review that said it was so good the writer wished it had been longer. So I decided to try it out and was hooked. The sadness of it and the crazy tragic mangled mess of humanity’s darkest months spilled out of it with superb acting all round. I did what I had not done for a long time, binge watched!


Another binge watch must was the Trevor Noah show Afraid of the Dark! It was incredible as he swept us through every kind of horrifying, horrible, horrid and hilarious cocktail of racism at its most incredible idiocy! He is a stunning comedian, wise, witty, wondrous! I can’t wait to see the other one.


Then there was Last Week Tonight With John Oliver on You Tube which was hilarious as usual! While his astonishment over Trump’s tottering idiocy never stops shuddering, there was an amazing treat for Indians when he crashed down on Narendra Modi and his trumpeting in New York! One would have dearly liked Oliver to have seen and commented on that  dress Modi wore once, costing three lakhs or was it three crores, with his name stitched into every inch of it! Who needs mysteries and chills and thrills while our politicians are giving this all to us for free?!




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  1. I agree that The People vs OJ is addicting. The actor who plays Christopher Darden, Sterling K. Brown is so good in his new series, NBC’s This is Us. It’s an amazing show about family and love and loss. I highly recommend it if it ever comes o Netflix.


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