Flip Kart found guilty by two consumer courts of India for fleecing consumers


Two consumer courts in India have to be admired for finding Flip Kart.com in Delhi and Bangalore guilty of deficient service by showing a higher price for their goods online!

They were hauled to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, by Jatin Handa, the complainant, for showing differing prices for their product online. His plea was allowed and Flip kart Delhi and Bangalore were directed to refund the amount of Rs.2,990/- and to pay compensation of Rs.5,000/- and litigation expenses of Rs.2,000/-to Jatin Handa.

Then after a very long time they went in appeal against this order to the State Commission which said that they had not come to it with Clean Hands! It also felt that they did not have a good case on merits.

They themselves admitted that there was error in their website and the price of the item, in question, was wrongly shown as

Rs.24,990/-, instead of Rs.22,490/-. They tried to take up the plea that the same was inadvertent and unintentional.

JUSTICE GURDEV SINGH PRESIDENT of the State Commission said “They were required to be sensitive towards their website and were required to look into the fact that there was no such mistake in quoting of the price. By mis-quoting the price, they might have fleeced other consumers also he ruled!

Daksha Hathi


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