Important tips for Stray Cat- Gardening

Some important tips for doing Stray Cat-Gardening


If you get caught up in the somewhat odd chore of Stray Cat-Gardening, then these tips might help you.

Please keep in mind that the Person of Interest, involved in this type of gardening will arrive at any time, without warning, invitation or the least bit of concern over whether it is wanted by your ferns, marigolds and ivies or not.


The very first thing that will happen is that you will not be allowed to water the begonias, the ivies, or the bright red geraniums that have just been gifted by a neighbor to shine over your terrace. But the newcomer is snoozing there and will not appreciate any watering of geraniums, however red and radiant they may be.


Then a furious meowing will occur demanding immediate sustenance and you will have to run up and down stairs, feeding the terrace guest who has already wooed you with several blinks over the days.


Then you will have to pander to the literary tastes of the guest who will nose around your bookshelves, and investigate every possible place of interest around her. All too soon the Nap that attacks this tribe as regularly as the sun, will occur around the begonias which will again have to wait for their drink of water.


Then on the following morning, you look out onto the terrace and find an eerie silence greeting you. Your geraniums are all ready to be watered, and your heart is maddeningly grumbling with something missing terribly!



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