Punjab State Commission pulls up World Wide Immigration Consultancy Service for unfair trade practice and harassment


Hats off to the STATE CONSUMER DISPUTES REDRESSAL COMMISSION, PUNJAB CHANDIGARH. It helped Amit Sharma, of Amritsar district to be compensated for yet another case of unfair trade practice and severely deficient services from the


  1. World Wide Immigration Consultancy Service Limited, (WWICS) New Delhi
  2. World Wide Immigration Consultancy Service Limited, (WWICS) Head Office, Chandigarh –
  3. World Wide Immigration Consultancy Service Limited, (WWICS), Amritsar


Shri Jasbir Singh Gill, Presiding Member

Shri Harcharan Singh Guram, Member Present

Harcharan Singh Guram, Member of the State Commission Punjab, were approached by this consumer who was not happy with the order passed by the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Amritsar which had ordered World Wide Immigration Consultancy Service Limited,

to refund an amount US$ 700 or amount equivalent to Indian currency, to the complainant with litigation expenses of Rs.2000/-.

The complainant Amit Sharma had availed the services of WWICS in Amritsar under their gold package. They claimed USD 2100 from the complainant, out of which they would receive USD 700 at the time of signing the agreement with them and another USD 700 when he would get the flight for Canada and the remaining USD 700 would be received by them when their sister concern namely GSBC Dubai would hand over permanent residence and work permit to him after landing in Canada.


They also received Rs.30,000/- from him, and promised to provide services for getting visa from the Canadian Embassy for permanent settlement in Canada under skilled category.They also told him to deposit Rs.19,000/- equivalent to 550 Canadian Dollars with the Canadian High Commission. He paid up all these sums as directed.

Later he approached them several times to enquire about his status of permanent residence and work permit along with his visa but they ignored him! He contacted Canadian High Commission which told him that his visa application was rejected and they had returned Canadian Dollars 550 to WWICS and asked them to pay it back to him.


Shocked, he approached WWICS which refused to return all his money! He finally complained to the district consumer forum where WWICS said that the consumer was responsible for not getting the visa as he had not submitted the proper papers for the Canadian Embassy! The immigration rules had also changed, resulting in this loss. Even a legal notice served to WWICS did not get his money back.

The District Consumer Forum only told the WWICS to refund US dollars 700 to the complainant who approached the State Commission to get back all the rest of his money and compensation for harassment.

The State Commission investigated this case and found that the WWICS had remained silent when the Canadian High Commission had sent back the money 550 Canadian dollars requesting them to return it to the consumer! This was a clear case of unfair trade practice!

WWICS is expected to assess the client’s education (Academic and professional), professional skills/training and experience for permanent residency and advise the client about Immigration laws of that country. Under Clause (c) pertaining to review and identify for submission of all required documents and supporting evidence. In view of these two clauses of the agreement, it was prima facie duties of the firm to apply for assessment of educational and professional qualifications of the complainant. However, from the perusal of the record, we are unable to lay our hands on any of the documents pertaining to assessment of educational and professional qualification taken by the WWICS from any educational and professional bodies pertaining to the case of the complainant.


We direct the OPs to pay Rs.25,000/- as compensation for causing mental harassment and indulging in unfair trade practice for non-refunding the amount of USD 700 and for late delivery of Canadian Dollars draft to the complainant. Thus, the order of the District Forum directing the OPs to pay USD 700 and Rs.2,000/- stands modified and amalgamated in our order where OPs are directed to pay Rs.25,000/- as consolidated compensation on account of mental harassment and litigation cost and further OPs are directed to refund USD 700 equivalent to the Indian Currency to the complainant.

(Jasbir Singh Gill) Presiding Member

August 17, 2016 (Harcharan Singh Guram) Member.



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