Amazon India & MOTO G4 lure consumer with free offers then an eerie silence!


Amazon India and MOTO G4 Plus cheat another consumer with false offers of gifts and freebies in their advertisement!


Forget shopping! we sleep through advertising rats!

“Amazon India announced in their radio advertisements the launch day offers on MOTO G4 Plus & the following were the freebies offered; 1. Kindle Offer worth INR 1000 2. Get INR 15000 3. Buy Motorola Pulse 2 Headphones at just INR 499 4. 100 percent Cash back on Purchase of Moto G4 Plus for 50 Lucky Shoppers 5. Buy a Moto G Plus, 4th Gen and Win Moto 360 smart watch 6. 10 lucky customers to see Thalaivar during Kabali in the 1st week of June at Chennai 7. 100 lucky customers to get passes for Kabali launch”


One annoyed customer complained to the Advertising Standards Council of India that these offers were supposed to be honored by 15th July but despite sending daily reminders (after 15 July) & sending mail to their CEO, Mr. Amit Agarwal, there was no response on the offer.” Both Amazon India and MOTO G4 kept an eerie silence!


The ASCI approached Amazon which argued that the Radio advertisements that are the subject matter of the complaint have not been issued by them and that the only mention of Amazon in the advertisement was that the phones were available for purchase exclusively on Amazon! Also, they clarified that any obligations regarding the offers made in the advertisement which were their responsibility have all been duly complied with. The CCC noted that while Amazon states that they have not issued the advertisement, they did not provide the details of who has issued the advertisement. The response also appears contradictory as the advertisement emphasizes on an exclusive offer available on Amazon.

Amazon further stated that they are not duty bound, legally or ethically, to advise ASCI on who issued the advertisement in question. Advertiser did not provide any details regarding the modality of the contest (details of the contest, process followed, details of winners etc.) The CCC noted that, the advertisement regarding the contest was misleading by omission of the mention of date of execution and the date of announcements of winners of the contest. While Amazon asserts that they have complied with any obligation related to the offer, they did not provide evidence of the customers who have benefitted with the said offer. The advertiser has not stated clearly all material conditions so as to enable the consumer to obtain a true and fair view of their prospects in such activities. The CCC concluded that the radio advertisement contravened the laws of the ASCI Code of ethics. The complaint was UPHELD.”


This goes to show that Amazon in India at least, is hardly to be relied on when it does not stand up for the consumers who try to buy products, or gifts, etc. promoted by them!



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