Dr. Batra’s Clinic again perplexes and harasses patient with bad treatment!

Dr Batra’s clinic ordered to compensate perplexed patient

We are perplexed as well! Sounds worse than a very bad vet who declaws us!

A Delhi-based Dr. Batra’s Homoeopathy Clinic was found guilty again of ‘deficiency in service’ by a consumer court and asked to pay Rs 10,000 as compensation to a patient who had been ill treated and wrongly treated for an entire year.Even his symptoms had never been explained properly to him!

“We direct Dr Batra’s Positive Health Clinic to pay a compensation of Rs 10,000 to the complainant for the deficiency on its part, which caused harassment. The amount also includes the refund of doctor’s fee paid by the complainant,” West Delhi Consumer Forum president J P Sharma said.



Manish Dubey, who lives in Indra Vihar, was suffering from backache and a stiff neck. He told this consumer forum that lured by the clinic’s claims that it cures “chronic diseases”, he went to its Rajouri Garden branch. He was asked to take medicines for a year after paying Rs 5,500.

Dubey got suspicious after his condition worsened though he took the clinic’s medicines diligently.

During the trial, the clinic claimed that the patient was suffering from Lumbar Spondylosis, a spinal chord disease, and that he was told that the treatment would be symptomatic and would lessen his pain without curing the ailment.

“Just for symptomatic relief, the patient should not have been told to continue the treatment for one year” the forum said.


It ruled that since prolonged treatment aggravated his ailment, the clinic has to pay back Rs. 5,500 to Dubey within a month.



    • I had visited his place in Bangalore many years ago and he blatantly lied to me saying he treated animals as well! he had all these pics of his on the wall with big name celebrities. that was enough to reveal he was a crook.


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