What the Wandering Jew can teach Donald Trump!!!

What the Wandering Jew can teach Donald Trump!!!


Every garden always gives you the bad news bordered with a silver lining! Today it told me that the raat ki rani, the Queen of the Night, that plant with the tiny white superbly scented flowers had finally died! I had tried a 1000 and more times to revive it with more sun, neem medicine, talking, begging, pleading and praying! The white pests that constantly attacked it, never let go, and took it away. So yesterday I saw the five or six stems of it dried up and that last little green leaf that I had been nurturing like the new baby born in a war torn village where everyone had died, had also vanished!


But then the tiny begonias in the old rescued tub outside, had put out several white as sugar baby flowers to comfort me for my loss! The Wandering Jew, faithful as the sun that arrives daily, even as reliable alas as Donald Trump who stamps on something and someone every single minute of every single day of his life, was putting out gorgeous scarves around the tub painted spinach green. Trump should learn something from this Garden Guest – awesomely pregnant with new leaves, ready to rain down curtains of cool calm all over the place.


Best of all the Spider Plant had risen hugely, surrounded by several babies waiting to be turned into brand new spiders for the empty pots that wait for them filled with fresh home made composted soil.


Is the Spider Plant also trying to teach me that cats are not really as stupid and as dumb and as clueless (compared to dogs) as I am sadly and often tempted to believe?! While they happily settle down on the ivies, the ferns, the carefully nurtured polka dots and the very precious fittonias, how come they never crash down upon the Spider Plants, that they gobble up like it is a meeker kind of Catnip?!


No friend is more generous than the garden imparting gifts. They never stop coming!


The two old shoes donated by a nephew who introduced me to Breaking Bad, and made me a fan, is now crammed with Creeping Charlie that makes them the best security guards on my front step!


Then this morning as I went outside and sadly pulled out the Queen of the Night, from the ancient wooden bucket a friend had given me, I noticed that at the bottom it was still fresh and blooming! I quickly put it back again, found another pot to put the aloe in and rejoiced!


The garden is one friend you must never give up on. But then it is that kind of friend which does not give up on you even if you turn mean or measly!



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