Try out the Gerbera Daisy to refresh indoor air

Employ the Gerbera Daisy to refresh your indoor air!


The Gerbera is a reckless, shameless show stopper and will never lose an opportunity to dazzle you with its thickly embroidered collars and glorious colours of pink, orange, white, red, crimson, yellow, white etc. It has sturdy leaves and was named after Traugott Gerber, an 18th century German physician and naturalist.


It is available year long and its cut flowers bloom for days on end. This plant was tested by NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration USA, for its air purifying qualities. The results were stunning! It has an overall rating of 7.3 per cent with removal of chemical vapors being a whopping 9! Resistance to insect infestation and transpiration rate is eight!


It removes toxic gases, is very pretty, easy to maintain and becomes the perfect gift to cheer up a friend or family with!


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