Can the unsinkable Dr. Batra make you slimmer? NO!

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The unsinkable Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy Clinic (more than a 1000 complaints against its clinics all over India are awaiting justice at several consumer forums) has again been hauled up by the Advertising Standards Council of India for making silly unreliable claims that cannot be proven or justified.

His exaggerated even corny and crooked promises are beginning to sound like the amazing pompous meaningless, even slightly eerie promises being made by the American President today. While he talks about driving away everyone he fancies is a threat to peace and happiness in his country, this Homoeopathic clinic promises to cure you of everything possible.


Very shady clinic: better to sleep on this one!

It will take away your cancer, your stones, your skin problems, your balding, you name it and this clinic will cure it!

Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy Clinic (B Perfect Batras): The advertisement of B Perfect Batras claims “BRTIM lose weight in every sitting from first session”, “no diet and no exercise”,  “Assured results”, “lose upto 5-8 cms in four sessions”,  were not substantiated. –


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