You like CREEPY CAT & MOUSE Chills? Try us…..or perhaps better see The Interview


You like creepy eerie Cat & Mouse? Then look no further! We can be really creepy! And if we don’t scare  you you can have your money back or deny us the next stash of CATNIP!

Oh well, just watch the Australian thriller The Interview! It is superior, gruelling gruesome and very cat and mouse magic! It won awards for best film by Director Craig Monahan and best actor Hugo Weaving. Though every other person in this dark, disturbing psychological thriller is very good, especially Tony Martin as the cop.

It is intelligent, relentless, very engrossing and a gift to make up for all the rubbish we may have seen or tried to see lately like those Paranormal boring bungling whatever they call themselves each time they try to scare us and we end up getting dribbles of drool! Uggh! Even worse are all the M.  Night Shyamalan’s messes that fell out of him after the Sixth Sense. Those were cakes that never got buttered or baked in the oven!

Now we are waiting for the next cream cake from SNL! We do have better taste.


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