Big Bazaar cons consumer by charging extra for discounted T shirts!


Big Bazaar’s offers in India tempt all of us to visit this nation wide chain of huge shops selling consumer goods at very tempting prices. We can never come away without shopping happily. There are always very attractive items on sale.

I have often returned feeling richer by the second, carting home one non stick frying pan with one free, buttered foreign biscuits (alas always tempting!) Basmati rice at a discount, foreign cheese, coffee, chocolates, soaps, sugar, coconuts, fruits, washing powder etc.

But recently I bought a large bottle filled with ball point pens, only to find that none of them worked. They had dried up!


just don’t shop!

Another consumer: Ishant Negi from Chandigarh had a nasty experience when he bought two T-shirts from Big Bazaar offered with a discount on the MRP, the Maximum Retail Price! He paid up Rs. 599 for each. However, he was shocked to see the Invoice showing that a sum of Rs.35.96 was charged towards VAT  on the discounted price of the two T-shirts.  This was an unfair trade practice. He complained to the shop saying that if it was offered with a discount on the MRP, collecting Rs. 35.96 towards VAT was wrong.


But Big Bazaar did not agree and he was forced to complain to the consumer forum and its President Rajan Dewan ruled that Big Bazaar was guilty of deficient service and also of indulging in unfair trade practice! He ruled that VAT or any other taxes cannot be charged on the discounted price when MRP of a product is inclusive of all taxes


He ordered the shop to refund the extra amount of Rs. 35.96 taken from the consumer and to pay him Rs. 2000 as costs for causing him mental agony and physical harassment! Big Bazaar was also told to pay him Rs. 1000 as costs for litigation expenses incurred by him for fighting the case!




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