Treat your cockroaches to free beer!

Treat your cockroaches to stale beer!


There are many strong cockroach killing medicines but they are toxic to health and pets and children are always in danger. Their eggs protected in capsules cannot be killed by chemical sprays.


Instead cement gaps in the walls that allow them entry. Behind fridges, microwaves, cabinets, they breed quickly. Use a mixture of flour, plaster of Paris, powdered sugar, and borax or bicarbonate of soda, which cockroaches will eat! Glass jars containing sweets might also trap them!


A light dusting of borax around the fridge, stove, and ductwork will control these pests. For a trap, grease the inner neck of a bottle and put a little stale beer or a raw potato inside. You can also mix sugar, flour and boric acid into a powder that cockroaches will take back to their nests and poison other insects with!



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