Wordless Wednesday finds Amazon rapped by consumer court



 Amazon refuses to return money due to consumer! 


     Dr. Dinesh Kumar from Chandigarh had purchased an online Lenova mobile handset from Amazon, Bangalore, by paying Rs.15,049/-.  

But when the phone arrived Dr. Dinesh found that it was damaged and complained to Amazon and cancelled the order. He asked for a refund of his money.

Amazon agreed and took back the mobile from his home. He then received an email from Amazon telling him that the refund would be credited to his bank account soon. But after that, the doctor checked his account numerous times but the money remained with Amazon!

 When he complained to the consumer forum Amazon had the nerve to tell the forum that the product was bought by the complainant from the independent third party seller selling its products on the website of Amazon.


The court President found that it was crystal clear that the phone had been bought from Amazon which had also received the amount. All the transactions had been done between the buyer and Amazon which had sent this email to the doctor

“Thank you for updating the bank account details in your account as requested. I have initiated the refund to the account you have added. You will receive the refund in your account within next 2-5 business days.”


  Court President Rajan Dewan ruled:  However, despite this commitment Amazon did not refund the money, caused immense mental agony and physical harassment and forced him to file this complaint! This amounts to unfair trade practice and gross deficiency in service.

Hence it has to refund Rs.15,049/- being the cost of the mobile handset to the complainant along with Rs.10,000/- as compensation for causing mental agony and physical harassment and also Rs. 5000 as costs!

daksha hathi















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