The Amazing Dr. Batra’s Homoeopathy Clinic’s eerie advertisement cons consumers again!


The Advertising Standards Council of India has been forced to uphold yet another complaint against the amazing, unstoppable Dr. Batra and his equally startling Homoeopathy Clinic that has been conning consumers with the strangest health care treatments that anyone can imagine! They would certainly interest the famous Dr. Who on Netflix!

This Clinic has been asked to repay consumers time and again by the consumer courts in India for not being able to cure baldness, skin diseases and various other ailments. He has also been vigorously pulled up by the ASCI for making ridiculous claims for increasing hair growth, reducing weight, treating obesity, etc..etc..etc. Now here is yet another case of false and unlawful advertisement!


Dr. Batra’s Homeopathy Clinic: The advertisement of Dr Batra’s Clinic claims to offer “Consultation with the Doctor and computerized hair test worth Rs. 2,000 now at just Rs. 250.”, “Limited period offer”, “Avail easy EMI options”, and the Website claims, “Confirm your appointment online @ Dr. Batra’s clinic, Pay just Rs. 99/- and get products worth Rs. 175/- free.”

“It also offers 10% off on treatment in its animation slides”, were not substantiated. The Website shows Dr. Batra promoting the clinic which is in violation of the Code of Medical Ethics for Homeopathy practitioners. This information is for all consumers lured by this and other such clinics, from the website of The Advertising Standards Council of India.


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