A deliciously chilling treat for creep addicts!

Are you a creep fest addict? Do chillers thrill you? Well I am a creep fest lover but of a milder kind. I was not hooked by the Saw movies though the first one was very smartly knitted to unravel the watcher. But the rest of them were too gruesome for me. I prefer something a little less gory and with more heart and soul entangled inside the web!

You must meet The Ice Twins!


If you are the same slightly meeker sort of creep fest addict you might like this book I picked up on a holiday in Goa. It was from a tiny shop selling dresses, ornaments, cheap jewellery and old books! There were three large stacks of mostly holiday reading thrillers and self help books which had been collected probably from tourists in the many hotels around the shop.

I found some of my favourite mystery writers there – the marvelous Martha Grimes with her very alluring detective Jury! Then there was Ruth Rendell with her gruff, always winning Inspector Wexford, Agatha Christie and Poirot, even one of Wallander! But alas I had read all of them. Then I found a book called The Ice Twins by S.K. Tremayne which was advertised as ‘a knife-sharp thriller’ and took it back with me.


It is about twins and the terror that begins when one of the seven year old girls dies in an accident. It was riveting right from the beginning, and even more than the mystery, it is the deeply moving writing, that takes you deep inside the hell of this family tragedy. I got off my flight at 5 and was stuck inside the airport bus for two hours,  as it slowly navigated the heavy evening traffic. But I was hooked so firmly inside the darkness of one couple’s perplexed pain and dread, that I was only reluctantly freed, when I reached home!

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