Sony India asked to replace faulty mobile that kept switching on and off: perplexed the buyer!


darkinwhiteThe complainant, S. Ramesh Sankar, an advocate, purchased a Sony Xperia Mobile model No.D6502 Xperia-Z2 from a shop in Salem, India for Rs.37,500/. But within two days of buying it, the mobile began hanging. This happened many times and then the phone began to switch on and off continuously! This perplexed the buyer no end!



Now it was given to the Sony authorized service centre to repair. He got it back after a delay of 42 days besides which he was made to pay up Rs. 2500 for the repair work in the back panel.

Then again the phone began to switch on and off! Fed up, he asked for a new mobile or his money back. But they only refurbished parts of the phone, changed the number and returned it to him. He finally sent them a legal notice and also complained to the consumer forum that this endless spiral of bad repairs had affected his work and energy and caused tension.

Sony India New Delhi claimed through its advocate that the complainant had spoilt the phone by using it carelessly but was not able to prove this charge.

The court president said that while Sony was a reputed firm, in this case, its authorized service centre had not done its job properly. Since the complaint was made during the warrenty period, the buyer was entitled to be compensated. Court President Thiru R. Ganesan ordered Sony India to replace the Sony D650 Xperia ZZ with a new mobile phone and also to pay compensation of Rs. 5000 for causing the advocate anxiety and stress and affecting his work and another Rs. 1000 as costs of the complaint. Sony India was also ordered to repay the Rs. 2500 taken from the advocate for repairs.



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