Flipkart’s curious sale of Titan Sonata watch!


Shopping online again?!!!

Just when you are beginning to consider treating yourself to some lazy online shopping you get a shock by finding out that there are unscrupulous crooks in the cyber world too! Just as there is that cart seller at the garden gate coaxing you to buy a Rangoon Creeper, scented, delightful, pink and yellow flowered, for Rs. 500 which you later discover at the Government nursery costing just Rs. 100!


A buyer was checking out the Flipkart Internet Private Ltd. offers when he discovered they were selling the Titan Sonata Digital watch at a price lower than the Maximum Retail Price. He was tempted and surfed the net to check out the price of the watch offered elsewhere. He was dismayed to find out that Flipkart had hiked the price first saying that the MRP, the Maximum Retail Price was Rs. 599 and then they were selling it for Rs. 479.


But the real MRP of the watch was only Rs. 399! This was a clear case of taking the buyer for a ride! The canny consumer complained to the Advertising Standards Council of India which upheld his complaint and found the online seller guilty of misleading consumers with false promises and unfair trade practices.


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