try this green safer toilet cleaner!

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jewelredYour commercial toilet cleaner is likely to contain more than five petroleum based detergents/surfactants, strong acids or sulphuric acid, all of which are not necessary.

Not even the dirtiest bits of your toilet need to be attacked with so many chemicals. Instead what you need is a sturdy toilet bowl brush one with stiff bristles and a plain, diluted vegetable based dishwater liquid or castile soap.

Try this simple toilet cleaner:

115 g. (4 oz) vegetable-based dishwashing liquid or castile soap

2 cups baking soda

4 tbsp water

2 tbls white vinegar.

You can even add half tsp. essential oil of peppermint, lemon, pine, tea tree or eucalyptus to give it a fresh, clean scent. Mix all the ingredients together (adding the vinegar last) and put them into the thoroughly rinsed squeezable bottle. This mixture can be used both inside  and outside the toilet bowl.


from: What’s in this stuff? The essential guide to what’s really in the products you buy. Pat Thomas.

pics: daksha



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