Nivea Whitening Lotion tans skin in 2 weeks?


Nivea India Pvt. Ltd. had advertised that their Nivea Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion can tan skin just in 2 weeks!

When a suspicious reader of this advertisement complained to the Advertising Standards Council of India it urged Nivea to prove this power of their lotion. But the company was not able to convince the ASCI which upheld the complaint.  Nivea did not have sufficient data, scientific studies etc. to bolster their tall claims!



Whether the whitening lotion works or not is the least of the consumer’s problem. The real worry is that all whitening agents contain heavy chemicals and are certainly not good to use anyway! And illegal skin whitening creams contain steroids and mercury, a toxic chemical that affects the central nervous system causing insomnia, headaches and disturbed kidney functions!


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