Line of Duty riveting crocodile chiller on Netflix


If you have the desire to stay awake all night,  and don’t fancy coffee to help, then watch the second Line of Duty on Netflix. It is truly mind blowing. It is the best cat and mouse cop thriller I have seen in a very long time and is as gripping as the best of John  Le Carre’s solidly convoluted thrillers steeped in cold, creepy, chilling surprises.

This BBC television series was a non stop roller coaster ride from its first series. It dealt with the worst kind of police corruption and its investigations starring Martin Compston, Vicky Mclure, Adrian Dunbar and other very exciting actors.


The second series deals with a very engrossing and disturbing case of  high level police brutality, corruption and  intrigue surrounding the witness protection programme in one City. The cat and mouse game played here beats any cat and mouse game recently seen on television! This series makes every other cop and mouse television series seem very tame, trite and ordinary!


The dark foreboding occurrences, the frightening deaths, the secrets and lies, the greed and corruption inside the entire police force feel like being cuddled by a very large, very gruesome, very pitiless crocodile! You cannot move away for a coffee break or even a drink of water! And the acting is just stunning. They are all enthralling as they lie, cheat, smile, snigger, snarl, shriek and snivel through their lies and shameful secrets! It is the only television series that I had to watch right through to the end! The crocodile would not let go of me for a second and I can’t wait for his next visit!


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