Dubious Dr. Sneh Desai and his odious Mind Power Workshop!


Dr. Sneh Desai came in several newspaper advertisements promoting the Dr. Sneh’s Mind Power Workshop.

First of all doctors are not allowed by law to advertise themselves anywhere. But this doctor was also claiming that his workshop would help the people who attended it to get freedom from depression, body diseases, negative thoughts, anger, stress etc.

It would further help the consumer to get rid of misunderstandings, help him to progress in his job, business, and other such matters. This amazing Doctor would also help to sweeten his relationships! In fact 20 lac Indians had benefited from this workshop, the ad went on to say!


Naturally when the Advertising Standards Council of India took a sharp look at these claims it found them to be false, misleading and hollow. When questioned the very incredible powers could not be proven by this very dubious doctor!


Gullible vulnerable, desperate people are likely to be lured by such newspaper, television or online ads which promise to get you out of anything that is troubling you! Before they get hooked, they should check out the ASCI’s website which lists hundreds and thousands of such hoodwinkers that it has pulled up for false claims. All it takes is just clicking on the website!

Just try me for calming your mind!

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