Perplexed eBay customer waits in vain for Ganesha idol to arrive!


Online shopping is often not as great as it is shown in television advertisements!

Here is the case of one customer who found this out when he tried to buy online from eBay.


Pritam Singh of Chandigarh had ordered two silver idols of Laxmi and Ganesha from eBay’s website paying up Rs. 2,627 for them. Then he waited in vain for the idols to arrive! After he contacted them several times they told him that the items had been sent to him.

But since the Gods never arrived he called the helpline again, several times, but this too did not help. He finally complained to the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum Chandigarh and when they contacted eBay India Pvt. Ltd. in Bombay, they did not bother to appear in court to give their side of the account.

The court found the firm guilty of deficient service and also of indulging in unfair trade practices. It ordered them to refund the consumer’s money along with another Rs. 2500 as compensation!

pics and text: daksha



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