Eureka Forbes and the vanishing water purifier!

Water purifier never arrives for the buyer who paid up for it!


Eureka Forbes has cheated one more consumer in Bangalore by selling him an Aqua Guard water purifier which vanished instead of reaching the hapless buyer!


Pavan Gogineni of Kormangala Bangalore had booked an Aqua Guard water purifier from Eureka Forbes Ltd. through its online and had paid up Rs. 12,490 in August 2014.

But the water purifier never arrived. He made several phone calls and sent many emails to the firm which remained silent. He finally complained to the II Additional district consumer disputes redressal forum in Shanthinagar about his problem.


Eureka Forbes did not bother to appear at the consumer court and its President T. Shobhadevi found the firm guilty of deficient service and ordered it to refund Rs. 12,490 to Pavan Gogineni along with Rs 10,000 as compensation for causing him mental agony and another Rs. 12,000 as litigation costs, all within a month of receiving her order!


This is the second consumer who has been shabbily treated by Eureka Forbes. It has also cheated another consumer who had ordered a CCTV system from them and waited endlessly for it to turn up!


Luckily both consumers were helped by the consumer courts in Bangalore.



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