Dove soap is not softer than other soaps!

Dove Soap is not softer than other soaps!


That milk white soap and the advertisements for it, with slim, too cute, women swimming around and cozily washing themselves with it, have always irritated me immensely! They are so cute they want to make me vomit! Even worse, they are expensive. They can cost anywhere between Rs. 215, 175 to a whopping Rs. 434! This might make your cat wonder why you can’t spend that same amount on a big packet of catnip?!!


Now The Advertising Standards Council of India has upheld the complaint made by a person about the ridiculous claims Hindustan Unilever Ltd. makes for this too white soap in its advertisements. Dove Soap they say is smoother on skin compared to all other soaps! They tell people to check the soap using litmus which turns blue!


The firm was ordered to appear before the ACSI of India to prove its claims. It preferred to send their written response. It claimed that the soap was mild on skin and was supported by investigative data. This data was reviewed by the Technical Expert of the ASCI who said that the data could not prove the firm’s claims! And the showing of a litmus test was misleading!


The complaint was upheld!


If you are a Dove fan, and you love animals, you should not use this soap! Though Unilever claims to want to stop animal testing in all its products it prefers not to do this, in countries which demand products tested on animals! So the right thing to do, besides saving a lot of money, is to go for cruelty free soaps like: Acure Organics, Avalon Organics, Crystal (100 per cent vegan as well)Green Body and others. Check out Logical Harmony by Tashina Combs who shows you cruelty free alternatives to UniLever brands.

Buy me catnip instead!

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