Two perfumes can be admired by tiny animals!

Animals may not shudder over a few perfumes!

2016-04-05 23.00.44.jpg

As we still shudder everyday over all the atrocities and horrifying brutalities so casually performed by the Nazis and Hitler’s abominable rule, it is equally distressing to read how perfumes are made!


Mice or rats are force fed with killing substances to find the lethal dose for toxicity, be it a bleach or a lipstick, until 50 per cent die! Even small cats and dogs are used in the cosmetic industry in unimaginable cruel ways.


For eye irritation the Draize eye test is the most notorious test. Shampoos or hair sprays are dripped or sprayed into the eyes of conscious rabbits. Their tear ducts are structured in such a way that they cannot flush away such substances. This procedure can continue for days while scientists decide whether the eye is damaged!

Guinea pigs or rabbits have to bear the terrifying agony of being held and taped with substances such as deodorants and face creams to see whether there is irritation, inflammation or swelling!


How are these companies any better than the Nazis?!!!


Two cruelty free perfumes are Passion by Elizabeth Taylor and Uninhibited by Cher! Beauty Without Cruelty is another brand that can be used. The Body Shop which was another safe buy is now in doubt because of its connections with other firms which are not yet in the clear about animal testing.





  1. oh good GOD! I had NO idea this was still happening! I had thought animal testing went out of favor with companies, and am so disgusted and shocked to find out that is not reality.


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