Brighter parents choosing cloth diapers…love trees more!


The number of parents using cloth diapers climbs a solid 11 per cent each year in Canada, says the Canadian Green Consumer Guide. But in India parents have begun to recklessly choose plastic diapers.


Disposables cost more than cloth! Even more depressing: making the 1.7 billion diapers that Canadian babies go through each year requires chopping down 2.4 million trees! In other countries too the same frightening story between trees and baby diapers is happening every single day!


It was estimated in Canada that cloth diapers cost 870 dollars while those using diaper services along with the cloth diapers cost 1200 dollars.

But disposables cost 2300 dollars! The maths is frightening!

do-it-yourself diapers eliminate uncomfortable elastic for children, they are also friends of the world’s trees!

pics and text: daksha


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