Eerie Golden casket of creepy tales

Eerie golden casket of creepy tales


One doesn’t realize how much one has missed being rattled by a really creepy, blood-curdling ghost story till it pounces upon an innocent lazy day like a thundering rain storm or a knife slicing the bone!


I was watching Alec Baldwin’s very hilarious antics on You Tube SNL when I came upon this stack of ancient ghost stories and was hooked! I did not know Edith Wharton had written chillers. Two of them treated me to a nicely, chilled hour – Bewitched, about a young dead girl haunting an older lover and another The Lady’s Maid’s Bell. Both had a touch of feminism in them. The cruel unfairness and often malignant meddling that hampered women’s lives in the olden days spills out grippingly in these well crafted tales.


Then there was this very creepy story by Walter De La Mare: Seaton’s Aunt which again reminded me how very frightening his ghost stories were! Every matted, mangled, murderous grotesquery of the spirit world has been brought to life stunningly, in a series called Shades of Darkness and I greedily sank deep into dreary dismal dread filled zones!


It is hard not to feel that writers from the past had the most powerful grip on this field of writing. Somehow the newer ghost stories don’t seem to turn our very bones into ice, like the ancient pens did!



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