The Happy consumer story of the Squeaking Hearing Aid!

The Happy Affair of the Horrible Hearing Aid


This is the story of an elderly person in Bangalore, who was sold a faulty, squeaking hearing aid which caused him grievous harm, but was helped by the consumer court!


  1. Sudhakara Shetty, 72 years old was having a hearing problem. He went to the Rajan Speech and Hearing Centre near Malleswaram Circle in Bangalore. They tested his ears and said he was suffering from a 60 per cent hearing loss in each year. Then they promised to sell him custom made hearing aids which would help him to hear well without being troubled by static or any unpleasant sounds in both ears. The hearing aids would eliminate all background noise and transmit only clear sounds.


He believed them and bought hearing aids for both ears for which he paid up Rs.

64,000. But alas, he discovered that the hearing aids instead of helping him, only created loud noises and outside sounds got amplified dreadfully! He complained to the Centre which attended to the problem. The hearing aids worked for a few days but again began to hurt the ear with loud sounds. This problem continued despite several adjustments. The expensive hearing aids just did not work!


He finally ordered the shop to refund his money. They refused. He sent them a legal notice which was also ignored. He finally complained to the Ist Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum in Seshadripuram. The President Sri Syed Anser Khaleem and members took up the case and ordered the Director, of Rajan Speech and Hearing Centre to attend the hearing. But the Director did not turn up and the court ruled in favour of the complainant.


Finding the Hearing Aid Centre guilty of deficient service it ordered the Director and the Manager of the Centre to repay Rs. 64,000 to Sudhakar Shetty along with Rs. 2000 as costs.


Pics and text: daksha


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