I-Phone online shopper falls into the darkness of bad, eerie Ebay treatment!

I-Phone shopper falls into the darkness of bad Ebay shopping!


We all assumed that shopping online is the coolest thing that happened to consumers! But a Delhi shopper who tried to buy a Apple phone on Ebay had a very lousy experience.


Gurvinder Singh of Delhi had ordered an Apple I – Phone from Ebay online. The model he asked for was 6 S Plus Colour Rose Gold with 64 GB capacity on January 3, 2016. He paid up Rs. 55,000 to Ebay and on 8th January 2016 he got a mobile that he had not ordered! It was Apple I Phone 6 S without the Plus. Ebay did not even bother to send him the bill of the phone he had ordered. He would need this bill for registering a complaint, for getting a warranty on the phone and for insurance.

Ebay told him to click on the picture of the external packing of the I Phone they had sent, to show that they had sent the wrong model. He then asked them to collect the phone from him and send him what he had ordered.

Then his nightmare began. Ebay turned creepily silent and ignored several calls, emails, letters etc. sent by him to the Managing Director Ebay India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, another Ebay representative Vishnu Prabhu Tendulkar in Thane, Bombay, etc.

He finally complained to the Delhi consumer forum (President: S.K. Sarvaria) and Member Nipur Chandna. Ebay did not even bother to come to the consumer forum which found them guilty of deficient service and ordered them to repay Rs. 55,000 with 10 per cent interest to Gurvinder Singh along with compensation of Rs. 5000.

Pics and text: daksha



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  1. I’ve heard of a few bad eBay stories. My co-worker ordered a jacket for her daughter, paid the money and never got it in the mail! There are always a few that ruin it for all the honest sellers! I have bought a few things through eBay in the US with no problem.😊


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