Pack a Garbageless School Lunch for the Planet!


A school garbage can after lunch time turns into a mini mountain of mess! But there is one simple rule for school lunches that will protect the environment! We must just remember not to put in any throw-away junk!

These simple choices will give your child a friendly lunch pack. Buy a plastic lunch box or a cloth lunch bag and an insulated or vacuum bottle (thermos). This will eliminate plastic bags, paper bags, individual drink boxes and plastic wrap!


In one school a grade two teacher took this idea back to her class. Immediately she had 100 per cent participation in garbageless lunches! She didn’t even have to send a letter home! She simply explained the concept to the grade twos  and they got their parents’ joyous participation in this easy, green idea!

from: 2 Minutes a Day for a Cleaner Planet. Marjorie Lamb.


pics: daksha




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