Don’t overwater your lawn…during drought!


Studies have shown that the average North American gardener overwaters his or her lawn by up to 40 per cent, which wastes over 10,000 gallons per acre! Gardeners in other countries do more or less the same uncool thing, and hurt the planet!

Overwatering is an easy and not at all green way to destroy your lawn and use up precious summer supplies! You could save a quarter of the water used in the home each summer, if you gave up watering the lawn altogether. Don’t water lawns in droughts. Grass that is going brown will recover after rain falls again. The water is crucial for more basic needs.

In India maids and gardeners waste water without any compunction while broken leaking taps in Government buildings, hotels, cafes, schools etc. leak water out like food at weddings!


We all have to be frightened about what will happen if the universal tap just stops! This is very likely to happen unless we all stop wasting water!

from: 1,001 ways to save the planet. Bernadette Vallely.

pics: daksha


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