Another scary fact about water and how not to waste it!

All about the dreadful ways in which we waste water!


It is rather scary to read yet another dark truth about water, by Marjorie Lamb in her book 2 minutes a day for a greener planet. She says “In our house the average toothbrushing time is about a minute and 20 seconds. If we turn on the tap at the beginning of that time and don’t turn it off until we’re finished, we will have put down the drain approximately 2 gallons of water! In our little household of three people we could waste over 4000 gallons of water per year just in toothbrushing!


Take the test in your household! You will be shocked to find out how much water you are allowing to vanish down the drain! So turn the tap on briefly to wet your toothbrush, and turn it off until it’s time to rinse.


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