The tiny detective at the Outlet Store

The Kitten at the Outlet Store


The little orange kitten was too busy to respond to overtures at the Outlet Store near the temple on the main road. She was sitting on a small stool before a stack of shoes and slippers, busy cleaning up. Cats ignore you when they are washing up or eating.





This kitten took her time washing her face, then her chest, then her back, paying great attention to the cleaning of her paws, and finally as she began to do the over all check the shop owner arrived and gently put her down on the floor after giving her a hug. She padded up to the cheap mannequin in front, dressed in shirt and pant and clambered up his legs. Apparently disapproving of the attire, she busily pulled his pants halfway down and as he tottered and began to fall, she backed off.


Then she tried to help a woman to choose her shoes, was ignored, after which she went and investigated the whole stock for herself.







Then she bounded through the huge boxes of cotton underwear, dresses, shirts, skirts, night dresses, etc. nosing around like the store’s busiest detective, till finally she had had enough. Considering that she had helped the store owner as much as she possibly could she then settled down under the table full of gaudy, bright clothes, and fell into a deep, well deserved delightful snooze.




When I disturbed her a little by photographing her she blinked at me as if to remind me that one can be happy with absolutely nothing: with just a mannequin to undress, a personal market to investigate, and further increase the nosiness of one’s nature.


Pics and text: daksha

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