Hello Garden…..painted Purple & Blue


My Garden’s Mystifying Purple and Blue Paint

When the world becomes a bit too much to handle, I slink inside your mystifying corridors so silver with serenity and I am always rescued. Plus your small green pockets will be filled with some new gift you have been keeping for me, just to tempt me to hang on yet again!


The cats do this too – gifting me the latest little rat or mouse they have murdered just for me alone, and always look miffed when I shine and smile more over your presents. I am still gloating over that blue African Violet that put out yet another tiny flower for me today!


Yesterday was crawling with all the maggoty boils and blisters that the tailor down the road diseased me with by ruining three dresses, stealing half of the lustrous lace material meant for them, and giving me unusable clothes. To worsen the agony, he was rude and coarse, suddenly showing me that behind that balding, meek looking face like a badly seasoned cauliflower curry, there was a rodent sitting there quite chilling to discover! His mouth spouted sickening stupidity and meanness and I escaped from human horridness to explore your small, sacred space.

I realized how very sacred it was because of the instant awesome magic that came up from the soil, when I found the begonias had given me six glistening orange flowers in six pots! And the very rare tiny ivy had put out its new babies in yet another hanging pot where I had secreted its cutting three weeks ago. The soggy, sullen, sly, silly tailor was already left far outside the bars guarding my serenity.


Then I pulled out dry leaves, sick leaves with holes in them, and tidied up over flowing ones by getting free cuttings from them. Getting free gifts anywhere is the world’s most magical way to pamper the soul and no one does it better than the garden! You are able to make me a millionaire in minutes which is always an awesome delight!


I bathed every plant with neem leaves, water and detergent. The Night Queen has now got only ten or twelve leaves as all the others have been shaved off due to the white pests sticking on them. Several neem oil and water washes have not helped and I am beginning to realize I may never be able to own a Night Queen that will scent the dark nights for me.


But the startling bright purple and blue Gynura has already filled up three new pots and glistens on the terrace where a dark grey and brown stray cat came to explore the plants today. She vanished when she spotted me. The orange marigold greeted me with six new flowers, pleased with the double watering I give her daily. The cockscomb alas has almost died, the last remaining one of the four I had put out. They all need double dozes of water and a few days of forgetting, have killed them. They are as dead and depressing as the three lace dresses lying on my bed.


But you are washed and refreshed and tidied up and there is something about a small tribe of Gynuras ornamenting the terrace with its very purple and blue paint that is somewhat mesmerizing. It is like a lost topaz ring of calm being retrieved from the brutish, smelly jaws of a tittering, tedious, odious bandicoot passing off as a tailor!


Pics and text: daksha





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