Go Italian with your cat’s ear mites!


apple 021.jpg

Garlic is great for making a perfect pizza. But it is also a good friend for your cat! You can treat her ear mites with this marvellous herb!

According to Michele Yasson, a veterinarian in New York, garlic can soothe the itch of ear mites bothering your cat. She recommends crushing four cloves of garlic and letting them steep overnight in one cup of olive oil. Then discard the garlic and heat the oil until it is warm to the touch and put several drops into your pet’s ear. She says “any kind of oil will smother the mites, and this solution is soothing” she says.

You can repeat the treatment every other day or once a week, depending on the severity of the problem.

from: The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats. By the Editors of Prevention Magazine Health Books.


pics: daksha


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