Netflix eerie and engaging….Paranoid

How to shiver with some eerie engaging tv treat


I am always feeling guilty about my enormous delights with just having Netflix in my television! Of course sometimes my wrong choices have been boons to my garden. While watching Marco Polo, (that a friend from America had urgently recommended) I fell into saving my polka dots from the white pests that had attacked it, by applying neem oil over them so religiously that the pests fled.


Marco Polo had soon become hum drum and having watched Game Of Thrones, this one was too flabby, too dull to keep me watching. I tried even the most popular Sherlock but there too my crinkled bottle green begonias won as I ran out to make cuttings from several pots in which they grew as generously as that cat mom who will eagerly take in another cat’s kittens to feed, if they become orphaned.


But last night I watched the new Netflix conspiracy thriller called Paranoid and was hooked. It was eerie enough (as well as funny, cheeky, amusing) to keep me happy with very good acting by – Indira Varma, Robert Glenister and others. It even made me forget all about the marigolds needing their badly needed second watering, this being a very hot November! But marigolds being forgiving, still presented me with five brand new small flowers in the morning…


Pics and text: daksha


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