Tiny tips for arthritis pains using ginger

Tiny tips about Ginger’s magical gifts!


If the joints in your fingers are stiff and sore and you can’t even open a tin or a bottle cap, it is time to treat yourself to ginger!


In one study, Danish researchers studied 56 people who had rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis and who treated themselves with fresh or powdered ginger. It was discovered that ginger gave relief in 55 per cent of people with osteoarthritis and 74 per cent of those with rheumatoid arthritis.


If you have a headache coming on, try ginger tea or half a teaspoon of fresh or powdered ginger.

To soothe arthritic pain try this mild tea: put four slices of fresh ginger in a cup of boiling water. You can also try taking half a teaspoon of powdered ginger or up to an ounce (about 6 teaspoons) of fresh ginger once a day.


From: New Foods for Healing. By Selene Yeager and the Editors of Prevention Health Books.

Pics: daksha


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