Artificial sweeteners could make you fatter!

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Artificial sweeteners: could make you fatter!


In a landmark study of more than 80,000 nurses, Harvard researchers found that the single best dietary predictor of weight gain was how much saccharin the women ate. A later study revealed that people who used artificial sweeteners were, on average, two pounds heavier than people who did not!

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Because we have used artificial sweeteners in coffee, tea, juices etc. we tend to feel good about it and indulge even more recklessly on other sweet treats, say experts.

Even though artificial sweeteners add little or no calories, they will help you to lose weight if you use them instead of sugar. You have to remember that a cake made with artificial sweeteners may not contain sugar calories, but it could have a lot of calories from fats or other carbohydrates! In fact people have been getting heavier since the sugar substitutes were first introduced, says a nutrition specialist!

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Drink a fruit smoothie everyday with a little stevia. This herb is a good substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners! In fact a smoothie made out of five of your favourite fruits, and stevia is one of the nicest trips to happiness! It is to be found in herb shops. (from: The Green Pharmacy by James A. Duke, Ph.D).


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