Turn off the lights in rooms not being used for saving the planet!

Turn off the lights in rooms not being used


An energy study in a Las Vegas school discovered that a huge amount of electricity was being used during the evening clean up period. The school consumed 30 per cent of its total energy between 4 p.m. and midnight, when its normal daily population of 1,100 sank to three custodians! Merely by switching off the lights and air conditioning in areas where they had finished their work the custodians could cut the school’s daily electric power consumption by 15 to 20 per cent!


Use energy saving light bulbs such as LED or fluorescent lights that use 75 per cent less electricity than conventional systems. The Aurora, Colorado used less energy in 1979 than in each of the previous years, even though they added 242,000 square feet of classroom and warehouse space. They improved energy efficiency of existing buildings and used solar energy in new construcions.

best 333.jpg

And luckily the sun is available to twinkle for all of us!


From: Save our Planet by DIANE MacEACHERN.

Pics: daksha

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