Maigret and the RARE Garlic Solution!

Maigret and the RARE Garlic Solution!


Yesterday I came home from the park carrying a bag full of fresh vegetables and fruits. I entered the house and almost swooned with a massive searing back ache which frightened me. It was so awful. I think I have been carting too many marvellous books back from the book fair along with other shopping.


Anyway I was in desperate pain, took a pain killer which did not help at all. Then on the net I found home remedies, one using ginger and another using garlic and remembered how well garlic had worked for my ear pain a month ago. I had gently put some garlic oil in the ear and within three days it had healed. So I crushed 15 odd pods in three tablespoons of sunflower oil, fried them, then made the oil and put it on my lower back where the pain was vicious.


Then I turned on the television and found that Maigret was on You Tube! I could not believe my luck! I was entranced by Michael Gambon who was astonishingly good as if he had stepped out of the book by Georges Simenon, along with a cast of very enchanting French actors. I wished I had read all the books! I seem to remember reading only a few of them.Will look out for them.


Then amazingly, as I watched Maigret, the garlic oil eased the back pain out like it was one of the allies killing off several Nazis! By the time the serial ended, a delightful one about a petty thief who witnesses a murder in a dentist’s house the back was almost healed. The almost frightening magic was that I had forgotten how very bad the pain had been!


I remembered a few months ago when I had the same bad back (carting heavy pots in the garden!) and 10 days of the pain killers had only given me side effects like heartburn etc. while the pain had lingered like a very vicious enemy. And this garlic oil made of 15 or 20 garlic cloves had cured me through a small episode of Maigret! I applied another layer, then went up and slept like a cat. When I got up the back was totally pain free and I am still amazed at the marvellous powers of garlic. As tenderly caring, (with no side effects) almost free (the garlic may have cost just 20 rupees or so am not sure) as Maigret and just as entrancing!

Pics and text: daksha


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