For happiness: listen to your intuition!

Happiness is: listen to your intuition!


A new bakery cum eatery, a small but inviting looking place had opened on the small lane I passed daily on my evening walks. It was next to the second hand book fair that often tempted me to visit conveniently located at the end of the walk! Alongside it was a shop that sold expensive clothing and cosmetics, and had two adorable dogs that ornamented the place like movie stars dressed up for the Oscars! Even better, as they were very huggable.


The small bakery advertised all the goodies that tempt us – muffins, cakes, sandwiches, potato chips, potato scallops, wedges and many other potato treats. I always managed to walk past it without shopping, remembering that I could do all that at home, and it was always more fun to have home made snacks. Plus there were too often notes outside offering one free muffin for two, or two free cakes for one, which is always suspicious especially in summer!

Then last week I went in to check out if they had sugar free chocolates I wanted for a friend who is a diabetic and loves chocolates.


I ended up buying some liquor chocolates for her and though I resisted the vegetable cutlets and heavily fried vegetable puffs, I was tempted by the tiny blue and pink iced doughnuts and a loaf of bread. The pleasant, but slightly bossy or pushy woman who owned the bakery kept me waiting very long, as she served two men who had come after me! This is nothing new in India. 99 times out of a 100 most shop keepers and even Government offices where ques form to pay utility bills, men are served before women, even when they ignore the que!

After ten minutes I decided to leave.


She quickly came up buttering me and said to wait till she got me freshly baked bread which had just come out of the oven. I forgave her and waited. The bread she brought me was very dark on top. It had been over baked for just that one more extra minute which made it unforgivable!


I told her to give me another one. That too was burnt and as I told her I did not want it she pushed it into my bag, saying it would be just perfect. Against my better judgment, my intuition, that had already told me to run, I took the bread and the doughnut and five liquor chocolates for my friend.


I had made delicious vegetable curry to eat with the bread. But the bread which looked good, despite the very dark cap it wore, was made of very white bread, and was very inferior in taste as well! So was the doughnut, which was more colour than taste. It was mediocre, dry, unpalatable. If only I had listened to my intuition, I would have been a happier person!


I had avoided that bakery for more than six months! What had made me ignore my intuition finally?! Maybe unhappiness or maddening irritation had been waiting to pounce on me that afternoon! I had spent almost 500 rupees there which could have got me two large exquisite books: one on gothic cathedrals of England, and another about personal British gardens, crammed with floral histories! They had been just waiting for me even as I was buying bad bread! So the next time your intuition sings out of your heart, listen to it!


Pics and text: daksha




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