Rearrange a boiling day with copper coins

Rearranging a boiling day with copper coins


The Sunday was already sinking with the

Hopelessness of a mangled matted dying dream

That refused to let itself be buried or cremated

Instead it rankled and bit like an infected sore

Then the day itself like an unpaid angelic servant


Began to rearrange itself, starting with the small

Nagging boil, a pimple, that had come up on the

Left cheek, reddened and beginning to hurt a little

A home remedy on the net advised a mint paste

And Sunday remembered a fresh bunch of mint


Lying in the fridge. It was taken out and the paste

Was put on the sore while the green chutni reminded

One to use up six slices of a very addictive British

Bread bought from a very expensive shop selling

Foreign groceries. The six slices with the mint

Paste, half a cucumber, mayonnaise, a large tomato


Made a delicious batch of sandwiches to have

After one had gone for a very long walk to the

Government Pay Your Bills office and paid up

Something about paying up dues clears out grime


From the carcass of the cruelest croaking day!

Like sugar coming out of a viper’s mouth!

The tremulous hours of the taunting, tainted day,

Began to spill out small trinkets of copper coins

Brimming with the radiance of resilience and sense

The best one being: mint paste banishes pain

From an infected, hurting boil within minutes!

Pics and text: daksha




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