The Pink Portfolio for the PLANET!

  1. Water wastage affects the third world frighteningly. So remember not to waste it.portfolio
  2. Remember that a tap leaking at one drop per second wastes 10,000 litres of water a year! Most drips can be stopped by renewing the washer!
  3. Toothbrushing for two minutes morning and night accounts for about 9 litres for each person per day!
  4. Most of us leave the tap open while we brush!
  5. If you want to see how much unused water goes down the sink put the plug in before you start to run water. As the basin fills up, you’ll soon see how much is there and be prompted to turn off the tap!
  6. port1
  7. A greener way to brush your teeth is by filling a small mug with water before you start and use that for swilling instead!
  8. Use a bucket for car cleaning and a bowl for washing vessels!
  9. Now even the third and final wash of my spinach or other greens in a colander is done under an empty large bowl so that the final water is saved inside it. I found out that this could be used to water more than 20 pots in the garden!
  10. pics and text: daksha
  11. port2

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