Grow an orchid for the Planet!



If you are a perfume addict go for perfumes made by The Body Shop and Beauty Without Cruelty. They have not been tested on animals. Also cruelty free are Passion by Elizabeth Taylor (herself a great animal lover) and Uninhibited by Cher.


Without our realizing it, our consumer choices can sometimes tighten the screw on endangered animals and pets. When consumers decided to stand up for animals with their boycotts during the 1970’s, whale products are no longer used in cosmetics. But endangered reptiles may still be used to make handbags and other items, sea turtles are used to make shells, soup, oil, combs or jewellery.


It is hard to believe that even plants like the orchids and cacti are threatened by business greed. Even the cyclamen sold in nurseries is under threat! So any small gardening decision will also help to remember our duties to the planet. Grow a begonia, a cyclamen, a gerbera or even a geranium in your garden to preserve its life!


From: The Canadian Green Consumer Guide.

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