take your own coffee cup to work!

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Start being green by trying out these simple choices.

Use laundry soap instead of detergent for the planet


  1. Use one box of laundry soap instead of detergent. Make your own laundry powder with 250 mL pure soap flakes, or powder. 25 to 50 mL washing soda. If you have really hard water in your area, increase the amount of washing soda – it is a very efficient water softener. (The Canadian Green Consumer Guide).
  2. Look for last year’s leftover school supplies before buying more.
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  4. Photocopy any document more than one page long on both sides of the paper.
  5. Take your own coffee cup to work so you won’t need to use disposables!
  6. From: 2 minutes a day for a greener planet. Marjorie Lamb
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