For happiness:Make your own choices!

Happiness is knowing: you always have a choice!


If you are forcing yourself to do a favour or a chore that you really don’t want to, remember you always have a choice! David Niven tells us that you don’t have to do anything, in his book The 100 simple secrets of Happy People. Life has given you the power to choose whatever you think is important enough to warrant your effort!


Don’t grumble or groan or feel strangled by responsibilities that seem unavoidable and awful! Instead think of the positive effects of your actions – the reasons you go to work, the reasons you keep the household running.


It is only in prison that you have to do what you are told! But otherwise you can just walk away from something that is not right for you. But today I realized as I watched a programme on You Tube today, that there is something even sadder than prison! It is that army of people, millions of them, that follow a Guru or a self made God Man, a creepy curdled ghastly person, as if they were in his or her prison! They do the most amazing, idiotic, awful and ghastly things for such people who strangle them in their own powers for favours and to fulfill their own needs for power, wealth, glory.


The way these people willingly fall at the feet of cult gurus, and allow the most petrifying misuse of their bodies, their minds, their bank balances, their families, is chilling! These people realize too late that they always had the choice and did not use it!


Studies have shown that those who express a sense of autonomy, of making decisions for themselves, were three times more likely to feel satisfied than those who did not! One wonders what happens to people who immolate themselves, take their own lives, to fulfill the needs of a weird, warped individual ruling their minds? Haven’t they learned anything from their cats?!!! They quite possibly did not own one!

tortoise 1.jpg

Pics and text: daksha


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