For Happiness: don’t let television paint the world for you!

For happiness: don’t accept television’s picture of the world


Hopefully we don’t allow television to draw a picture of the world for us. But if we do, we will allow it to make us unhappy. If we watch too much television, we are likely to conclude that virtually everyone is either very rich, or about to die a terrible blood soaked death, says David Niven’s book The 100 simple secrets of happy people!


Last month I admit I got slightly stuck to You Tube’s free television treats – the better ones being the excellent mysteries from British television, and then the gruesome true life murders from FBI and ITV which soon put me off You Tube!


I admit I could not stop myself from watching the marvelous Martin Shaw in the George Gently mysteries and then Len Deighton’s Game Set and Match. I was also lured by Inspector Lewis that came out of the addictive Inspector Morse series. But there is a lot of gory, gruesome, cheap and shoddy stuff as well which is easy to avoid.

The book tells us that television changes our view of the world, and can damage our thinking. We can develop highly unrealistic and often damaging conclusions that serve to reduce our life satisfaction by up to 50 per cent! That is quite scary!


pics and text: daksha


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