Don’t buy Gift Wrap for the Planet!

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Don’t buy Gift Wrap. Create your own, for the Planet!


Use your imagination to gift wrap presents for weddings, birthdays, functions whatever. Do you need to waste money on those very expensive gift wraps? You have all you need in your own house!


Here are some delightful gift wrap ideas: use colored comics section of the newspaper or even bright lovely advertisements in glossy magazines. Old scraps of sturdy wall paper will make many nice wrappings. Reusable home-sewn cloth bags. Old colourful posters. Fabric scraps are real fun to use up.


You can have fun with the present wrapped inside a present! A watch inside a chocolate box, or a gold ring inside a pretty journal, a hat wrapped in a shoe box, a baby’s dress wrapped inside a doll box, homemade cakes and cookies inside a shoe box again. All you need is a bow to tie them up – use old colored string, to save on paper.


From: 2 minutes a day for a Greener Planet.


Pics: daksha

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