Be a Graceful Green Person for parties!

Be A Graceful Green Person for a huge party!


For the planet rent dishes, napkins, cups and saucers, tablecloths and glasses instead of using disposables.


If you are having a huge house or office party, don’t go for disposable everything! Rented party equipment means you don’t have to wash up mounds of dirty dishes etc. You just send them back dirty!


Another good way to do it is to have one or two friends bring all the plates or glasses they can spare! Often the party’s happiest hours happen in the kitchen later, as you are washing up!


So be graceful, ignore disposables. Nobody really likes to drink juices or wine from a plastic glass! Eating from disposables is also not at all fun, besides harming the planet!From: 2 Minutes a day for a greener planet. Marjorie Lamb

pics: daksha




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